How to Draw A Bunny for Kids

Here I go again uploading a great drawing tutorial that will show you how to draw a bunny for kids, or you could also say in this case, how to draw a rabbit for kids. Their both the same thing, just wanted to let others understand what a bunny meant although most of use know. This tutorial also took some time to choose it’s categories. Maybe you guys can help me out a bit by recommending some for this drawing tutorial. I got it categorized under pets, wild animals, and animals. The problem is, should I add it to the zoo animals category because you can find a bunny, AKA rabbit, at the zoo? Or should zoo animals only have generic zoo animals included (Zebras, tigers, giraffes, and lions?) It would be helpful to give me some ideas. It wouldn’t hurt now would it?. Sorry, but I want people to find the things they need. Enough with the yapping I guess and let’s begin with the tutorial.

First, draw a circle to get proper face proportions. Important step; used in almost most drawing tutorials on the site. Second, draw the head shape along with the ears. Your basically drawing something that I call the upper layer of the bunny. The bottom layer is the torso, AKA body, and feet. Third, draw the bottom layer, which is what I told you just a second ago. Fourth, draw the bunny’s hands, or shall I call them paws. Fifth, draw the face of the bunny. This shouldn’t be hard. It’s like drawing any other rodent’s face. Add the tiny triangular nose along with the hearty smile with a tooth. Finally, sixth, fill in the blanks. Start coloring in the bunny’s nose in pink. Color the eyes in, and give your bunny any color of fur. It could be brown, gray, tan, pink, chocolate, etc.

Congratulations! You have successfully drawn your own bunny. I hoped I helped you with this tutorial. There are more drawing tutorials coming, and be sure to check them out whenever your ready. Comment and share. As always, thank you!

How to Draw A Bunny for Kids

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